If you have an emergency, call 911.

Search and Rescue operates under the direction of the RCMP and the ECC (EMBC).

Swift Water Rescue Team

The swift water Rescue Team was formed in 2009 with funding provided by the BC Government through gaming grants in response to an increasing number of calls for water based rescue in the Alberni Valley. The team includes:

Swift water Search Operators (SSO’s) are trained in shoreline search techniques, self rescue, and throw bagging. These individuals act in support positions for those in the water.

Swiftwater Rescue Technicians (SRT’s) conduct water based operations. They are trained in rescue swimming techniques, basic boat handling, and tethered rescues.

Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technicians (SRTA’s) are rescue technicians that have taken further training that certifies them to perform rope based water rescues and night operations on the water.

The Alberni Valley Rescue Squads swift water rescue team possesses two tandem inflatable kayaks, an 11-foot Zodiac, two rescue boards, and specialized personal protective equipment for technicians and operators.

The swift water rescue team has conducted a number of successful operations since its inception in 2009.