If you have an emergency, call 911.

Search and Rescue operates under the direction of the RCMP and the ECC (EMBC).

AVRS History

During the early 1950’s there were many instances where it was found that a rescue group was needed. In November 1955 a Mr. Kristensen became lost and this became the first Search and Rescue task. January 1956 a meeting was held with forty two (42) persons attending the meeting. Mr. Cliff Lee was chosen chairman proterm. Mr. George McGarrigle was elected coordinator and selected eight leaders from experienced skiers, mountaineers and hunters. Those that were chosen by a vote were Joe Lynn, Wally McEarchern, Gerry McGarrigle and Bill Turner.

In February 1956 Ulf Bitterlich was selected as a leader of a special Mountain Rescue Unit. Later that year a meeting was held. Mr Cliff Lee stated that the executive is in favor of changing the Alberni Valley Rescue Squads name to Alberni Valley Mountain Rescue Squad. By 1960 there were twenty- five members ready for emergency calls twenty four hours, seven days a week. Members met in members homes, basements, garages etc. during the first years of the A.V.M.R.S. with the first President Walley McEachren. In 1959-1960 the squad was given permission to use the Second Arrowsmith Boy Scout Hall at Stirling field for their meetings. In the fall of 1960, the AVMRS received permission from the city council of Alberni to reconstruct an old army hut on Stirling field.  This was the realism of the first rescue hall.

In the fall of 1990 the Rescue squad and City Council of Port Alberni finalized the present property location. We moved into the garage portion in 1992. In the summer of 1995, with the help of the Provincial and Federal governments and the Human Resoures Development Canada, we were able to complete the building in the spring of the following year.